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Custom Software Development

Virtually every business, large or small, has a need for custom software application development.

Successful businesses constantly strive to increase operating efficiency, lower costs, provide a competitive advantage, meet a regulatory requirement, or support mission-critical systems. To help achieve these goals, custom software can be used to automate manual processes, create stand-alone programs that perform a unique function, or integrate existing Legacy, ERP or CRM systems. Frequently, there are no shrink-wrapped solutions to these challenges.

At Knoll Enterprises, custom software applications are built to client specifications with a constant eye toward implementing a solution to a business need. Since 1995, we have successfully completed projects for a long list of satisfied San Francisco Bay Area clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurial companies that require superior software development skills and expert project management. We are always happy to provide client references.

We work with our clients from the start to completely understand their requirements and the underlying business need. We see ourselves as a partner and offer suggestions and alternatives regarding technology and platform options, process design, project management assistance, and end user communications and training. We remain committed to our clients’ success and provide ongoing support, including enhancements and platform upgrades.

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Key Benefits

  • Develop and build desktop applications for which there are no shrink-wrapped solutions
  • Vastly increase productivity and get more out of your existing technology investment
  • Allow your systems to become more seamless
  • Automate currently manual processes, such as downloading data from your order entry or banking systems to your financial management software
  • Create a reporting or decision support system linking all of your various data sources