Knoll Enterprises

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Since 1995...

Knoll Enterprises has been providing full-service, custom software application development to Bay Area businesses since its inception in March 1995. Markets currently served by Knoll Enterprises include financial services, banking, real estate, commercial printing, telecommunications, building and construction, marine shipping, municipalities and e-businesses.

References from our current customers are always available, and we encourage you to contact the references of any software developer with whom you plan to do business before signing any letters of engagement.

My Experience

Knoll Enterprises was instrumental in helping us build very complex but flexible applications to report, bill, and reconcile online lodging reservations, including interfaces to our financial management and eCommerce systems. With these mission critical applications, we were able to offer industry-leading features to our hotel customers while scaling from virtually no reservations to over 90,000 per month within two years.

- DS, CFO/CIO,, San Mateo, CA